Ahmadiyya Muslimi Jamaat Suomi

Since its inception in 1889, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has been leading a global effort to revive the true, peaceful message of Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Ahamdiyya Muslimi Jamaat Suomi is contributing its part to achieve the same common target to convey the peaceful message of true Islam to the Finnish society.

With this desire for peace, our community has grown and is now established in more than 200 countries with a following of 200 million. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Suomi is one of those sub organisations.

Our motto is Love for all, Hatred for none is the key objective to our all efforts.

At Ahmadiyya Muslimi Jamaat Suomi we are organising variety of programs to help eliminating hate, discrimination and extremism and to promote love, religious harmony and loyalty to the country. These programs include

  • peace symposiums
  • regular country wide city cleanups,
  • visits to nursing homes to meet old and share gifts and time with them,   
  • charity walks
  • refugee camps, providing them clothing and food with guidance on how to live in Finnish society. And many more..

As Ahmadi muslims, we believe that we must abide by these values in our daily life as they help foster a sense of unity, cohesion, harmony and peace in the world. So we also focus on personal and spiritual development of our members and hold workshops and classes to groom them as better persons for themselves and society.

The community’s spiritual leader (Khalifa), remains devoted to peace and reminds us that: “Islam teaches us to always be mindful towards God Who is our creator and to always keep His memory fresh in our hearts and to deal with His creation with love, affection, harmony and tolerance.” All our activities are organised under direct guidance of our Khalifa.


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