Horrendous target killing of Ahmadi Muslims continues in Karachi, Pakistan

“Brutal murder of a third Ahmadi within a year in Karachi has taken place on Sunday 27th November 2016 (Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Ilaihe Rajeoon). Shaikh Sajid Mehmood, son of Shaikh Majeed Ahmad, aged 55 years, lived in the Gulshan Kaneez area of Gulzar Hijri, Karachi, Pakistan.”

The target killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan has been going on for some years now in spite of the International Community’s pressure on the Government of Pakistan to take measures to control and stop such horrifying acts of brutality against the innocent law-abiding peace-loving Ahmadis has been of no avail.

It is with devastating sorrow that we announce the killing of another Ahmadi on Sunday 27th November 2016.

Shaikh Sajid Mehmood, son of Shaikh Majeed Ahmad, aged 55 years, lived in the Gulshan Kaneez area of Gulzar Hijri, Karachi, Pakistan. He was well-known in the area as a very compassionate, helpful and pious individual. On Sunday evening, after prayers, he left home to go to the market to buy some groceries for the family. Just as he was getting into his car, there were four assailants riding on two motorcycles who immediately opened fire on him and fled. He was shot in the chest and was hit in the ribs and his leg. He was taken tothe Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi where he passed away. He was the third martyr to be shot and killed in the same area. In June 2016, Chaudhry Khaleeq Ahmad was shot and killed and then in May 2016 Daud Ahmad was killed.

The accomplices of mullahs continue to target Ahmadis and seem to be at liberty to target whomever they want to kill. This surge in hatred and killings is the result of an intensive campaign by the mullahs and some media sources in Pakistan blaring openly that Ahmadis deserve to be killed and killing Ahmadis is the best way to enter paradise.

Mr Sajid Mehmood is survived by his widow, a son, Shaikh Harris Mehmood aged 26 years and, a daughter, Sanaa Sajid aged 22 years. Mr Sajid had a successful auto-parts business in the area and had a good reputation as an honest dealer.

The Karachi Counter Terrorism Department Official, Mr Raja Umer Khatab, stated a new group had emerged during the last 5-6 months which was targeting Ahmadi men in Karachi, particularly in areas of Sohrab Goth and Kaneez Fatima Society.

Once again, we appeal to the International Community to take serious notice of the failure of the Government and law-enforcing authorities in Pakistan to protect and safeguard the lives of the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. They must take measures to immediately stop the hate speeches and the malicious propaganda of mullahs to incite people to kill Ahmadis.


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